SCOTT SELIGMAN'S BOOKMARKS                     

   Code Search
   Google Maps
   MSN Search
   Product Search

   Face Book
   Fairwood Community News
   Google News
   Local Weather Conditions
   Recent northwest earthquakes
   Seattle PI
   Seattle traffic flow from DOT

   Books online
   Code Snippets
   IRS tax forms
   MLB Innings
   Programmer's file format collection
   Snopes urban legends
   TV Calculator
   USDA nutrient database
   Wolfram Alpha

Informational pages     
   Car technical service bulletins
   Internet Archive
   Internet Pulse

Stuff to buy
   Cyber Guys (cables, etc)
   Deep Discount DVD
   Penzeys Spices

Stuff to do     
   Iron Horse restaurant
   Mt Rainier scenic railroad
   New Dungeness lighthouse
   Palisade restaurant
   Safeco field of lights

Home hunting     
   King county - Parcel info
   King county - Parcel viewer/search
   King county - Zoning codes (PDF)
   Mortgage - Rick Kelley
   Neighborhood info
   Realtor - Ellen Kilkenny
   Washington State - Business records database
   Washington State - Professional licenses

   Car Talk
   Colorblind simulator
   Flash Settings Manager
   Rotten Tomatoes
   Text to speech
   Vector Magic

   Anti-tower defense
   Bloons 4
   Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
   Desktop TD
   Flash Element TD
   Guardian Rock

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