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DTV Spots Map

The map of spot beams
Map generated from 4233 input values from across North America.
Map showing entry locations
Transponder strengths: 4, 12, 18, 20, 26, 28
Large maps: East, West


DirecTV has recently begun broadcasting using spot beams. This is an attempt to map out the locations of where the spot beams are hitting based off signal strength from across North America.

For more information please make sure to check out the FAQ.


7/18/2003 - Removed some dead links in the FAQ. Also, this page is now being updated every two weeks with new information

5/14/2002 - I've removed some duplicate entries, so the total number of entires went down by a few this update.

2/9/2002 - The base maps, before I add the circles, are being drawn by me now. This lets me add the two new maps for the East and West Coasts.

1/31/2002 - Welcome to the newly designed page. I've also added a FAQ that should help answer some of the more common questions I've seen.

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