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The Zoo

----- Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, June 24, 2001 -----

The Arctic Fox looking over his territory.
Arctic Fox

The dinosaur exhibit. This is defiantly one for the kiddies, not much to appeal to the adults.

A peacock. This was on top of a building. It's odd, but they're always on top of buildings, I guess they get scared by the other animals and the people.

A few penguins in what looked like a very un-penguin like area. I wonder how hot they were feeling.

Some very colorful starfish. This is one of the few shots of the aquarium I could take. Wish they had more light in there, it's fascinating.

The walrus swimming around in his loop. It's amazing for something that big how agile it is.

----- Woodland Park Zoo, March 28, 2004 -----

A sleeping bear.  Actually, it seemed like most of the animals were asleep for us.
A sleeping bear

A gorilla resting and snacking on a plant.

A mountain goat that we saw climbing around on his little fake mountain.
A mountain goat

A close up of a peacock.

A bald eagle.  This is one of the birds in the bird exhibit.
Bald eagle

And here we are standing near the entrance to the zoo.

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