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Our 2003 Vegas Trip

----- Grand Canyon -----

This is the first of a few shots of the Grand Canyon.  I know you've heard others say it, but pictures really can't do this place justice.
Scenic shot of the Grand Canyon

Another scenic shot of the Grand Canyon.
Another view of the Grand Canyon

Last scenic picture of the Grand Canyon I'll bore you with.  Go there yourself, and be struck with awe at Nature's Majesty.
Yet another shot

This is one of the odd rock formations around the Grand Canyon.  Note the two natural arches in the picture, one is near the top right corner of the shot, and the other is near the bottom right corner.
Unusual rock formation

----- Vegas -----

This is the hotel we stayed at.  This is the front, we stayed in the back, with a lovely view of the roof of the casino.
Bellagio Hotel

The main entrance area to the Bellagio.  From the moment you step foot in this place you're just dumb-struck by how ornate it is.  Even though this is Vegas, and you're paying for a room, you still feel like you don't belong here.
Main entrance to the Bellagio

A close-up of the glass artwork at the entrance to the Bellagio.  It was created by Dale Chihuly, costing nearly $10 million.  It consists of 2,164 pieces of glass, and is 70 feet long.  It's impressive and pretty, but a little too abstract for my tastes.
Glass artwork at Bellagio

The fountains in front of Bellagio.  They're done by WET Design, the same folks that did the fountain at the Seattle Center (among many other places).  The show runs every 30 minutes, and is choreographed to a different song each time.  It's really an impressive show.
Bellagio Fountains

Another shot of the Bellagio fountains at night, with the Paris hotel in the background.  Hopefully you can get some idea of how pretty the fountain show is.
Bellagio Fountains with the Paris Hotel

Ceaser's Palace, which is right across the road from Bellagio.  I didn't get any good shots of the interior, but I'll sum it up like this:  A building designed to keep you trapped inside and spend lots of money.
Ceaser's Palace

It's a lot prettier on the outside than it is on the inside.  An interesting hotel, but it felt way too busy for my tastes.  You can see Merlin in the shot here, apparently he's part of some show that runs nightly that we completely missed.
Excalibur Hotel

The Fremont Experience.  The show is a huge jumbo-tron type screen stretching over a couple of blocks outdoors (it's a little more than twice as long as pictured in this shot).  It's an impressive show.
Fremont Experience

The world famous Cowboy on Fremont, in old Las Vegas.  No collection of Vegas vacation pictures is complete without it.
The Cowboy on Fremont

It's the world largest Golden Nugget (on display), in the appropriately named casino, The Golden Nugget.  You can see some of the older biggest Golden Nuggets strewn around it.  I find it mildly funny that old Las Vegas (aka Fremont) has as one of it's biggest attractions a big chunk of Gold, vs the Strip's countless attractions.
Golden Nugget in the Golden Nugget

The Luxor hotel as viewed from the tram stop.  The sphynx is really rather large, check out the picture with Michelle and myself later on for some idea of the scale of the thing.
Luxor Hotel

One of the many statues inside of the Luxor.  The inside of the Luxor is full of this sort of stuff, and it's very well done, adding to the feel of the place.  Unlike a lot of other Casino's, this didn't feel like a packed little area to squeeze your money away.
Luxor Statue

Another one of the statues inside of the Luxor.  Am I the only one who's reminded of Stargate whenever I see one of these?
Luxor Statue

The Lion sitting guard out in front of the MGM Grand.  One of the many pictures I took just because I thought it looked cool.
MGM Grand's Lion

The New York, New York hotel.  Something seems wrong about the New York hotel being surrounded by Palm Trees.
New York, New York

The Statue of Liberty in front of the New York, New York hotel, with the roller coaster in the background.
Statue of Liberty

The Paris Hotel.  I was really fascinated by the Eiffel Tower replica out front.  Next time we visit Vegas we'll have to see what it's like from inside.
Paris Hotel

One of the neon signs for the Paris hotel in the foreground, with the Alladin in the background.  Two casinos we never went into, but I was fascinated by their pretty colors at night.
Paris and Alladin

The entrance to the Star Trek Experience.  Unfortunately, it was too dim inside to get any good pictures, but it was full of all sorts of interesting props from the show.  The ride itself was rather fun too.  Topping off the experience was Quark's Bar.  The food was good, and the character actors they had roaming around were really funny.
Star Trek Experience

The Borg Bear from the Star Trek Experience.  Resistance Is Futile :)
Borg Bear

A shot of the show in front of the Treasure Island Casino (the show is apparently no longer running, they're revamping it into the TI Casino, with the Siren's show).  It was insanely crowded, which was rather annoying, but a fun show nevertheless.
Treasure Island Show

The brave captain of the Pirate's ship defending his ship against the evil British army.  And of course, the Pirate's win and offer you a chance to gamble their winnings at the casino :)
Treasure Island Show

This is the only real shot of the "strip" I got (not counting a few from the top of the Stratsosphere).  During the day it just looks so peaceful and quiet.  Though, you can make out the crowds of people walking around thanks to the unusually cool weather we had.
Strip Asleep at Day

----- People Pictures -----

A shot of me in front of the Luxor hotel.  You can get a feeling for how big this replica really is.
Scott at the Luxor

Michelle in front of the Sphynx at the Luxor.
Michelle at the Luxor

Kyle, Scott, Michelle and Nate in front of the Monte Carlo.
Us at the Monte Carlo

Michelle in front of the MGM Grand.  Again, I'm just dumb founded by the shear scale of the statues and such around Vegas.
Michelle at the MGM Grand

Kyle with the one of the Blue Men from the Blue Man Group.  After the show you can meet the Blue Men and get your picture taken with them, though since they stay in character, you pretty much just get your picture taken with them :)
Blue Man and Kyle

Nate with the Blue Man.  These guys are funny, they never drop out of character.
Blue Man and Nate

And here we are with the Blue Man.  Michelle got a kiss from the Blue Man, and you can see my silly attempt to act like the Blue Man was acting.
Scott and Michelle and the Blue Man

Before the Penn and Teller show, you were encouraged to get on the stage and look around, and examine two of the boxes they were going to use in one of the tricks.  Here are Kyle and Michelle making sure there's nothing hidden in the clear box.
Kyle, Michelle and the Box

The entire gang on the Penn and Teller stage.  From left to right: Nate, Michelle, Scott, Kyle, Joe, Eric
The Gang at Penn and Teller

After the show you could meet with Penn and Teller and get your picture taken.  Here's Nate with Teller.  Nate actually got to be one of the two audience members for their 'catch-the-bullet' sketch.  I can safely say Nate wasn't a plant :)
Nate with Teller

Both of us with Penn.  He's really a huge guy.
Scott, Michelle and Penn

Both of us with Teller.  We didn't say much to him, but it's bizarre to hear the guy talk, his voice is nothing like you imagine it should be since he never talks on stage.
Scott and Michelle with Teller

Michelle with the Klingon character actor that roams around Quark's bar.  They had a great sense of humor, and weren't as annoying as I had feared they would be when we first saw them.
Michelle with a Klingon

Here I am with the Borg.  This guy managed to make the Borg a friendly race with a great sense of humor.
Scott with the Borg

Here we are at the Grand Canyon.  Don't we look awed by the sight?
Scott and Michelle at the Grand Canyon

Another shot in the Grand Canyon.  Michelle did a great job with this picture.
Scott at the Grand Canyon

Here's a shot of Michelle at Hoover Dam.  This is about all we did at Hoover Dam, it was a miserable day, we were exhausted, and it was really crowded.  So we looked over the edge, said "wow", took some pictures, and started our trek home.
Michelle at Hoover Dam

Here I am in front of the sign leading to Seligman, Arizona.  Just had to get the picture.  I later learned that apparently the residents pronounce Seligman differently than I pronounce my last name.  They all must be pronouncing it wrong.
Scott near Seligman

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