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----- N-Scale -----

My new N-Scale train, sitting in front of the TV waiting for me to set it up and make sure it all works.
My New Train

Climbing the hill.  This was the climb up our track, where we actually used the proper riser pieces.
Climbing the Hill

The front of the train, as seen from the little N-Scale world inhabitants' viewpoint.
Front of Train

And an action shot!  It's only going a tad fraction of the speed it looks like.  Oh, and yes, it is going forward in this shot.
Zooming By

And here's the exciting section of the track, the corkscrew.  As you can see, we went all out with the construction material to hold up the track.  This was partially inspired by an episode of Train Tracking, though on the show I think they used stone instead of Legos.

Another shot of the corkscrew.

The train working it's way down the corkscrew.  The corkscrew was the steeper section of the track, so steep it could only go down on this section of the track.
Under the Corkscrew

A top-down view of the track, showing our layout.
The Layout

You're watching a short video shot and edited by Michelle.
Video (2.54mb)

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