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Spirit of Washington Dinner Train

----- August 23, 2004 -----

The Spirit of Washington Dinner train.
Spirit of Washington

The view straight ahead of the train itself.  Since we were in the top of the dome car, we could see straight ahead of the train.
View from Train

The smoke from the train as it built up speed.
Smoke from Train

Our dinner car, the 'Mount Rainer'.  We sat in the forward area of the top level.
Dinner Car

The inside of the dinner car.  It was a nice little area, if just a bit cramped.
Dinner Tables

----- Pics of Us -----

Scott and Michelle in front of the train.
Scott and Michelle

Scott looking out the window at the view of Lake Washington.

Mom and Scott.
Mom and Scott

----- Columbia Winery -----

One of the first things we saw on the tour of the Columbia Winery was this lovely rat trap.  At least there wasn't a rat in it.
Rat Trap

The main wine storage/ageing area.  This looks like a lot of wine, but this picture really doesn't do the scale of the place justice.
Lots of Wine

As you can see, they had aisles and aisles of wine.
Lots of Wine 2

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