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MEDC 2007

----- MEDC 2007 -----

The main entrance to MEDC 2007.  This lead to the registration hall, as well as the exhibitors hall, where the exhibitors were (surprise!) and the food court was.  Behind me were the rooms used for break out sessions.
Main Entrance

This is the main exhibition hall where all the vendors where showing off there goodies.
Exhibition Hall

This is Brian's Wimo Bot.  It's not too happy being on paper instead of a white board, but you can see it drawing a house here.  Wimo Bot is a robot running off of a Windows Mobile device.
Wimo Bot

I spent most of my time here at the MIX device bar.  This wasn't actually at MEDC, but rather at another conference, MIX.  I got to answer questions from MIX attendees about Windows Mobile devices.  For the record:  I don't know when your Windows Mobile 5 device will be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6, that's up to your device's mobile operator or manufacturer.  There, I feel better now.
MIX Device Bar

----- Venetian -----

A model of the Venetian Hotel.  It's the best picture I have of the hotel itself, so here's what it looks like =)

Okay, this isn't terribly exciting, this is just a clock on the outside of the Venetian hotel.  The fun part is the loud chimes this clock produced every hour.  It's what I woke up to every morning.

This is just inside the main entrance to the Venetian hotel.  Gives you a little feeling for how ornate this hotel is.

No hotel would be complete without a casino, and the Venetian is no exception.  While the forced walk through the casino isn't as bad as other casinos, it's still amazing to see people playing $100 and $500 a bet table games.  One morning that I got up early (for Vegas) I watching the little training sessions they do for Craps at the table at the bottom of the picture.  I learned how to play craps, which amounts to what I always assumed it was:  Put money on the table and watch them take it away.

The Grand Canal shopping experience at the Venetian.
Grand Canal

At a few points along the Grand Canal shopping area they had these little podiums.  Most of the time the actors were busy pretending to be statues, but occasionally they would have singers singing various Josh Groban songs (I'm sure there were different songs they did, that's all I heard, though)
Living Statue

My room at the Venetian.  If you notice, I had two queen beds, since they were out of normal rooms.  For the cheapest room they offer, it's amazingly nice.
Room 1

Another view of my room.
Room 2

This is the view from my room.  Nothing terribly exciting, I couldn't see the strip from my room, only the giant A/C units.
View from Room

----- Paris -----

The Paris Hotel as seen from the strip.  This time in Vegas I decided to go to the top of it.

Here's the lovely line to get to the top of the Eiffel tower.  This little line, of perhaps 100 people or so took slightly over an hour to get through.
Waiting in Line

The Elevator shaft leading to the top of the tower.
Elevator Shaft

The view from the top of the Eiffel tower of the strip.  At night the view is really impressive.
The Strip

Looking down at the Paris Balloon from the Eiffel tower.
Paris Balloon

The Bellagio, as seen from the Eiffel tower.

And of course here's why anyone goes to the top of the Eiffel tower, to see the Bellagio Fountain show.  You can make out the music from 460 feet up and watch the show, that is if you can jostle your way to the front of the observation deck.
Bellagio Fountain

----- Misc -----

The Luxor hotel as seen from the top of the Rio.  Thanks to work, I managed to eat at the Voodoo lounge, which is on the 50th floor (nevermind the Rio doesn't have floors number 45 through 49).  Since the Rio is a bit off the strip, it's an amazing chance to view the entire strip from one spot.
Luxor from Rio

No trip to Vegas would be complete without a chance to pick up M&M's swag.
Gameworks and MGM

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!  You've seen this picture a hundred times, but now you've seen my version of this picture!
Main Sign

Here I am in front of the Vegas Sign.  Thanks to a steady stream of picture-taking tourists, it's not that hard to find someone willing to take your picture, even though it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
Main Sign with Scott

The irony of this is I only see this the time in Vegas when I'm not doing any driving.
Main Sign Leaving

The Klondike Hotel and Casino, long since closed down.  This is right next to the Welcome to Vegas sign, and marks the start of the strip.  It's a few blocks before the modern-era casinos start, though.
Klondike Hotel

And finally here's the plane that took me away from Vegas.  Yes, it's tiny, but thankfully I had an entire row to myself to fall asleep on.
Airport, Leaving

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