Hide Window

Screenshot HideWindow does just what its name implies, it hides windows. It uses a couple of different API tricks to try to fool a window that it's hiding into not know it's hidden. You can select between the two methods. It either gives the window a new parent, one that's hidden, or it sets a region to the window outside its displayable area. The whole point of this exercise is to not hide normal windows, you can just minimize those, but rather annoying windows that don't want to be hidden.

I can't claim that this will always work, but in my testing, it did. I would imagine if one of the creators of said annoying windows ever got their hands on this, it would cease to work, so don't count on it working forever.

Download it here: HideWindow.zip (20,993 bytes)

Note: You need the VB runtime files. If you don't have them (if you're running Windows 98, you have them), they can be downloaded here from Microsoft.