Scott's Window Resizing Utility

Screenshot SWRU is a program that started off with a simple mission in life. Originally I wrote this program so I could resize a browser window, to see what my pages look like at different resolutions without actually needing to change resolutions. I added a few features, and before I knew it a few friends actually used it. Here's a basic rundown of the current features:

  • Set the size and location of windows numerically.
  • See almost any windows text (including a edit box that has all asterisks)
  • Modify a windows styles so that's its always on top.
  • Kill windows unconditionally.
  • See running processes, and kill processes (Windows 9x only)
  • Zoom in on sections of the screen.
  • Point to a window to see it's text and class name.

Important: This is a program intended for moderate to advanced users. It is very easy to wreck havoc with your OS with this program. There's a reason one of my friends calls it Scott's Window Breaking Utility. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Download it here: (23,897 bytes)

Note: You need the VB runtime files. If you don't have them (if you're running Windows 98, you have them), they can be downloaded here from Microsoft.