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Star Trek: No 79: Invasion Book No 1

Author: Diane L. Carey
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Last Reviewed On: January 28, 2000 (by Scott)
(Peanut Press version)

Scott's Review:
4 out of 5 stars on January 28, 2000

This was a fun book. It's actually the start of a series of books. Captain Kirk and crew have to fight demons from the other side of the galaxy. What I perhaps like most about this book is the other side that it paints of Kirk, the thinker. He's always thinking about what to do next and then acting with thought, not just instinct, behind his actions. I don't remember the original TV series all that well, but I seem to recall him doing the fire first and ask questions second sort of thing more than often. It's a good book though, and definitely got me hooked into reading the other books in the series, which apparently continues with the Next Generation.
-- Scott and Michelle