Our Movie Reviews Snow Crash
Author: Neal Stephenson
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Last Reviewed On: June 10, 2000 (by Scott)

Scott's Review:
4 out of 5 stars on June 10, 2000

We're sent into a not too distant future. A world where the government has all but collapsed, leaving the all powerful franchise in it's place. A world where the mob rules the pizza delivery racket. And, a world where computer processing power is immense, and a virtual reality Internet, the "Meteverse" is reality. This is a great book, one of the classics of the cypherpunk genre. I thought it was a great ride, the story was intense, full of action scenes, it almost read like a really good screen play (albeit one that would require quite a bit of narration to know what's going on). My only real gripe with the book is the whole middle section. The author seems to really spend too much time with the Librarian, proving how much research he did on his idea of Babel, and the thought virus. Otherwise, a great read, with enough thoughts that will leave you thinking for quite a while.
-- Scott and Michelle