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The Fate of Bester

Author: J. Gregory Keyes
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Last Reviewed On: February 6, 2002 (by Scott)

Scott's Review:
3.5 out of 5 stars on February 6, 2002

Well, this book at least finally had a plot. That's always a good thing. Whereas the other books seemed to be more of biographies, this one was a general science fiction book. It didn't deviate from the other books in one respect; it took place outside of the timeframe of Babylon 5, and even The Ranger series, completely.

It follows Bester into old age, and Garibaldi's hunt for him. One of my large complaints with this book is it felt like it had trouble capturing the spirit of Bester. In old age, he's no longer quite as ruthless as he was when he's younger, and he falls in love. Granted, the last quarter of the book or so didn't have that problem, but the build up seemed to be fill with fluff just to make the book a bit longer. Good fluff, but fluff nevertheless.

The ending was interesting; complete with political commentary on such things are war crime tribunals and such.

That aside, this book is a good completion to the whole Bester/Garibaldi plot line. It's interesting to see this thread that ran throughout the run of Babylon 5 finally reach a conclusion.

-- Scott and Michelle