I have personally never really cared that much for the UI of the AudiblePlayer. I just never felt it looked that great, so I did some digging, and sure enough, the AudiblePlayer stores all of itís graphics as simple resource files.

Using development tools, or some programming tricks available under NT, itís possible to change the bitmaps images in some programs. So, I wrote a program that swaps the images out from Audible Player with user provided images. Hereís a screen shot of the end result, this player is still fully functional, it just has a better appearance (at least, in my opinion).

If youíre interested in switching the skins that Audible uses, please read the following warnings and disclaimers (taken from the program), and if youíre still interested, go ahead and download it from the link at the bottom of this page.

Audible Screenshot with new Skin

-- Warnings --

This program is provided "as-is". While it works for me, I can't guarantee that it will work with every version of AudiblePlayer, and it might cause problems. Always create a backup copy of AudiblePlayer before using this program.

  • This program is not sanctioned by Audible.
  • It must be run on an NT or Windows 2000 system. It uses API calls that do not exist under Windows 95/98
  • AudiblePlayer.exe must be copied over into the same folder that this program is run from. I do not distribute AudiblePlayer with this program.
  • Main.bmp and Pushed.bmp must be present, and must be 24-bit color images. (Buttons.bmp is just provided for reference, should you wish to create your own images, the buttons cannot be moved)
  • Your system must be set to at least high color mode for this application to work.
  • Running this program replaces the bitmap resources in AudiblePlayer with 24-bit bitmaps, which can cause its size to nearly double.

-- Using Audible Skin Changer --

  • First off, copy AudiblePlayer.exe from your device into the same folder as this program.
  • Make a backup copy of AudiblePlayer.exe somewhere.
  • If you wish to use different images than the ones I provide, you'll need to use a paint program to modify Main.bmp and Pushed.bmp to your liking.
  • You can also disable the program's 12-bit dithering. I would recommend disabling this if your images uses large areas of solid colors, or if it's already dithered.
  • Read the warnings above.
  • Click on Change Skin.
  • Once it's done you should be able to copy over the newer version of AudiblePlayer.exe to your device.

Download It Here (32k)

If you've created your own new skins for Audible, and I'll gladly list them here!

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