Here are some Windows CE and Pocket PC applications that I've written that others should find useful. All of these applications are fully functional freeware.

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Key Stroke CE is a unique input panel I created from the ground up based off of a similiar design developed by the New York University Media Resarch Lab.

Instructions on use, and installing it are included in the ZIP file.

  • Key Stroke CE - For PocketPC's or Palm Sized PC's (Version 1.00)



Launcher is a Today screen add-on for PocketPC's. It adds an icon bar, much like Windows's Quick Launch bar. You can place as many applications (screen space permitting) to it's list as you wish simply by copying link files into the Launcher folder, and launch the applications with one tap.
  • Launcher - For PocketPC's (Version 1.40)
Please read the included readme files for information on how to change the list of icons, and how to upgrade from a previous version.



Winner of the Survivor award as best task switcher application!
Pocket Nav is a Task Switcher for Windows CE and Pocket PC's. It allows you to close any program, and on the pocket pc's it also gives one tap access to the desktop at any point.



Phyllis is a two player card game that you can play against your PocketPC. Visit my Phyllis page for more information.

Gameplay information, and the installation executable are included in the ZIP file.

  • Phyllis - For PocketPC's (Version 0.47)



Puzzle Of Pipes is a cross between the classic game Pipe Dreams and those sliding picture puzzle games. You have to rearrange the peices before the water begins flowing!
  • Puzzle Of Pipes - For Palm-sized PC's and PocketPC's(Version 1.31) [Does not presently function on the Jornada]


  • Conversion - Converts various forms of measurements. (version 1.15)
  • FixKeys - Reset all keys, to restore hardware keys on the E-10x. [MIPS processors only]
  • KeepAlive - Simulates keyboard activity to keep the system active (version 1.07).
  • NewShortcut - Create shortcuts without the need for ActiveSync
  • PowerOff - Adds an icon to the system tray to turn the unit off.
  • SoundControl - Adds an icon to the system tray for controlling sound, just like Windows 95. [MIPS processors only]

Screen Savers:


  • Audible Skin Changer - Alter the appearance of Audible's Player.
  • Clear Temp - Clears the Temp folder upon start-up.
  • DnDce - Dungeons and Dragons rules and information for PocketPCs and Windows desktops
    DnDce 3.5 - An ARM only version for the v3.5 rules
  • Do Nothing - An app that does nothing, to disable hardware buttons.
  • Page Down App - Assign a program button to be a down arrow.
  • Random Names - Gives a list of Random Names (for RPG's, etc).

Development Tools:

  • Today Tester - Utility to assist in testing today plug-ins (includes source)

Third party utilities

  • BackLight - Richard Murphy's utility to display the backlight settings [Compaq iPaq (old and new ROM), Casio E-1xx only]

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