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Xbox Live Member: sm360

Click here to see some useful code snippets that I've created, and various other things programmers might find useful.

  • Cursorial CD - Enhanced CD type program for use in a command prompt.
  • Color Picker - Simple application that lets you pick a color, and displays the HTML color code.
  • Dropping Objects - Screen saver showing simple objects dropping down the screen.
  • File Lister - Small app that lists files in a directory, so you can copy them into a email, text file, etc.
  • Gravity Points - Screen saver showing points colliding with each other.
  • Hide Window - Hides annoying windows that don't want to be hidden.
  • Kinetic Energy - Screen saver showing spheres colliding with each other.
  • Reveal - Easily displays password text box information in clear text.
  • SClock - A stylish clock that floats over the desktop, and takes up minimal space.
  • SortNetflix - Organize your Netflix or Gamefly queue thru a simple drag/drop interface.
  • Spirograph - Screen saver that draws Spirograph-like patterns.
  • SWRU - (Scott's Window Resizing Utility) I can't summarize this one, check out the page for details

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